99 Songs Movie Review, IMDB Rating, Twitter Review

Ratings- 4.4/5.0

99 Songs is a beautiful romantic movie released on 16 April 2021. This movie is originally released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu language. 99 Songs movie is directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy and produced by A.R. Rahman. 99 Songs cast includes Ehan Bhat and Edilsy Vargas in a lead role.

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99 Songs Movie Review

“The first half was slow and I thought it was a usual story, the second half was good and touching.
I feel this movie is for a particular group of people ( including me) who like artistic portrayal of things.
The young Jay touched my heart with his cute expressions and his beautiful eyes.
The hero has great scope.
Music and background score as usual was awesome and I was happy that of all the songs in the album, my favourite one was that ‘one’song. (Review by Shivani B)”

“A.R. Rahman, A Superficial Soul.
He is in just field in which he must be.
99Songs is a versatile musical treat for every music lovers..
Delicacy, Proportional Music r on rampart.
One thing what i usually search in ever AR composition, Serenity… got here as well, full-fledged…
Tons of Love… (Review by Ayush Shukla)”

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