Mumbai: Bigg Boss 16, the TV industry’s most popular and controversial reality show, is topping the TRP list. The show, which has reached the fifth week, is getting more interesting.

As soon as ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ is over, such an explosion has been seen in the house, which no one expected. Yes, this time the cutest member of the house, Abdu Rozik gets Angry has been seen getting furious. Abdu’s anger erupted on Archana Gautam and there was a heated argument between the two.

Abdu Rojic (Abdu Archana Fight) who is known for his calm and entertaining nature. But he lost his cool after Archana Gautam poked him. She tells Abdu that Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is sleeping and not doing her duty properly.

When Abdu, the new captain of the house, checks this, she finds that she was not sleeping, but she was doing some household chores. Seeing this, Abdu gets angry and takes off his mic and throws it in anger. Calling Archana an idiot, Abdu warns that he will put her in jail if he tells her a lie again.

While Shiva takes a stand for his brother Abdu, Nimrit and Sumbul try to pacify him. A cat fight was also seen between Sumbul Tauqeer Khan and Archana Gautam in Sunday’s episode. The fight escalates so much that Sumbul loses his cool and becomes physical.

Now it will be interesting to see how successful Abdu’s captaincy is and how he manages to get the contestants to work diligently.