Rakhi Sawant: Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant (Rakhi Sawant Nowadays it remains the center of discussion. Significantly, the actress is in limelight with her new boyfriend. Rakhi Sawant is spotted with her boyfriend every day. Recently, the actress has opened many secrets about boyfriend Adil. Let’s know the full news:

Adil does not like this talk of girlfriends, Rakhi said- ‘Islam does not allow this’
Adil does not like this act of Rakhi

Actually, in her latest interview, Rakhi Sawant told that her and Adil’s bond is very strong. The drama queen praised Adil fiercely, but along with this, the actress also told that what Adil does not like about her and also what she refuses the actress for. Fans are shocked to hear this disclosure of Rakhi. Let us tell you that Rakhi told that Adil does not like his bold look.

Adil clarified

However, after this Adil also kept his word. He said, ‘I have not put any restriction on Rakhi, yes I have said about clothes. I haven’t put any restrictions on the rest and I don’t put any restrictions. Rakhi agrees to Adil’s point and says, ‘No we don’t hold back at all and anyway in future both of us are going to be the same.

Islam does not allow

Rakhi Sawant further says that wearing such clothes is not allowed in Islam. Adil is always right. I respect them. After this she says about her dress that, today the designer has brought her clothes like the old Rakhi Sawant, but Adil has improved the new Rakhi Sawant.

Can be seen in Bigg Boss 16

Talking about Bigg Boss, the actress said that she wants to be a part of Salman Khan’s show. However, he has not been approached by the makers yet.