New Delhi. The protest against Adipurush is going on in full swing. About 60 thousand tweets have been made about the film’s Boycott (#BoycottAdipurush). There is a demand from all sides to boycott the film. It is being told that in the film, along with the gods and goddesses of Hindus, an attempt has been made to show Ravana in a funny way. Many people allege that this film, which is being said to be inspired by Ramayana, is not inspired by Ramayana but Islamization of Ramayana is definitely there. Various allegations are being made on the teaser of the film. When this film was released, the first allegations were regarding the VFX of the film and people said that the VFX which are there looks like cartoon, it seems that the film was made of cartoon level. Is. A lot of jokes are being made about the VFX of this film, but now new revelations are being made about the VFX of the film. Here we will talk about this news.

Let us tell you that ever since the teaser of the film was released, the teaser is being criticized for the VFX of the film. Based on VFX, the film is touted as a children’s film. But now a different disclosure has been revealed on the teaser and VFX of the film. Many well-known critics have told that they have seen the teaser of this film in the 3D version a while back, in which the teaser looks fantastic. Well-known trade analyst and critic Sumit Kadel has tweeted and said,“Have seen the teaser of Aadipurush in 3D on the big screen. The experience is totally different in 3D version on mobile and big screen. Shots taken in 3D are excellent. The graphics are also looking very good and look very grand on the screen. The background music of Jai Shri Ram is making you proud. Watching on mobile is not doing justice to the teaser.”

Apart from this, the journalist Himesh of Pinkvilla website has also seen the teaser of the film on the big screen and praised the teaser. He believes that you can see Adipurush on the big screen and experience its real life. Apart from this, he says that in the coming week director Om Raut and producer Bhushan Kumar will probably see the 3D version of this teaser for critics across the country. Apart from this, many other critics have also praised the 3D version of Aadipurush. Till now the teaser of this film was being opposed. One of the main reasons was its VFX.

Some people believe that these are all false and sold out tweets which are now being made by the Adipurush team. People say that all this is being done to avoid boycott. The makers are scared that their film may fail. That’s why such tweets are being made. People are not having any faith on these tweets and they believe that still they will boycott this film because deities have been made fun of in the film. The characters of Ramayana have been shown in a wrong way, so the opposition to this film will continue.