Neha Kakkar and her brother Tony Kakkar are at the forefront of remixing old songs. Nowadays every party, every function seems incomplete without Neha Kakkar’s songs. Neha Kakkar has become a big name in the world of singing. Although some of her songs are very much liked, but for some songs, Neha gets to hear fiercely on social media. Recently Neha Kakkar has released her new song ‘O Sajna’. This song is a remake version of 90s ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’, people are still stuck on the old version. Still love listening to this song. This original song was sung by Falguni Pathak in his sweet voice. But now that Neha has recreated this song.

Falguni shared memes

So Falguni has not liked this song at all. Meanwhile, Falguni Pathak also shared his reaction. And the matter did not end there, but the fight between Falguni Pathak and Neha Kakkar is still going on. Falguni Pathak is constantly targeting Neha Kakkar. He has expressed his displeasure with Neha by sharing many memes of users on his Instagram story. In one of the memes shared by Falguni, it is shown that Amitabh Bachchan starts vomiting blood after listening to Neha Kakkar’s remix song, which has been used to troll Neha.

Neha Kakkar How low can you go

Apart from this, Falguni also shared a screenshot of a fan. In which Neha Kakkar has been cursed for singing and Falguni has been praised. It is written in this post, ‘Neha Kakkar, how low can you go? Stop ruining our old classics for us.’ The matter did not end there, after this Falguni also targeted Neha in a direct way.

I just had to vomit

Talking to an online portal, Falguni said that I came to know about this new version of the song three-four days ago. The first reaction upon hearing this was not good. I was like I was just about to vomit.” He further added that the new song has destroyed the innocence of the original song. He said, “The innocence that was there in the video and picturization of the original song in this song has been completely ruined.

why i keep quiet

You can change the tempo of the song if you want to reach the heart of the younger generation, but don’t make it cheap. Don’t change the originality of the song. But I think nothing needs to be done. My fans are constantly expressing their anger against the song. That’s why I am just sharing stories. Why should I keep quiet when fans are supporting me.