Akanksha Puri became comfortable with someone other than Mika Singh!  Photos created panic

After winning ‘Mika Di Vohti’ Swayamvar, Akansha Puri is not taking the name of boldness from her head. Akanksha is constantly coming in front of the camera wearing bold and hot dresses. At the same time, the actress was seen posing for cozy photos with someone other than Mika Singh. The special thing is that the actress has shared these pictures on social media, which are becoming increasingly viral. In these pictures, Akanksha looked so cozy with a person that Mika Singh might get jealous after seeing the photos.

The person with whom Akansha Puri is seen in these pictures is a famous singer whose full name is Sukhdeep Singh. However, Sukhai Musical is written on his Instagram profile. In these pictures, Akanksha Puri is seen more than the limit with the singer.

wrote this caption

This cozy photo has been shared by Akansha Puri on her official Instagram. The actress shared the photo and wrote in the caption- ‘Vibe hai vibe hai’. As soon as Akanksha shared these photos, she came into the limelight on seeing it.

Akansha Puri is dating Mika Singh after winning the Swayamvar. The actress is spotted with Mika Singh every day. Not only this, she is sharing more than one bold video and pictures, which the fans are shocked to see. In these photos, the actress was seen posing killer in front of the camera wearing more revealing clothes. Let us tell you, before Mika Singh, Akanksha has dated ex-contestant Paras Chhabra of ‘Bigg Boss Season 13’.