Due to the Hinduphobic character of Bollywood, many Hindi films have faced severe public backlash in the recent past. There is talk of boycotting Aamir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ in social media. Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan (#BoycottRakshaBandhan) is also getting fierce criticism.

Akshay Kumar broke the silence on the boycott of Rakshabandhan and said that it is a free country. Everyone has the freedom to do what they want to do. Also asked the trollers and media to stay away from the trend of boycotting films. Akshay Kumar said, “Indian film industry helps the economy of the country. There are some people who do all these things (boycott). They (trollers) are bullying.”

He further said, “I want to say that any industry, whether it is film industry or clothing industry, it all helps in the economy of India. There is no point in doing such things. We all are trying to make our country the biggest and greatest. I would request not to get involved, as it will be better for our country.”

Why is the demand for boycott of Rakshabandhan happening?

Actually, the demand for boycott of Rakshabandhan is happening because of the writer of this film, Kanika Dhillon. Many such old tweets of Kanika recently went viral, which were full of Hindu hatred. In view of the release of the film, he deleted 17 such tweets within half an hour on August 1, 2022.

In these old tweets, Kanika Dhillon was seen supporting every demonstration which was against the Modi government or where Hindutva was abused or the country was cursed. While tweeting against CAA, he wrote – We will not show the paper. Kanika also tweeted about the cow dynasty. In more than one tweet, Kanika Dhillon had called India Lynchistan.

Let us tell you that Raksha Bandhan and Lal Singh Chaddha are releasing in theaters on August 1. The reason for boycotting Lal Singh Chaddha is Aamir Khan’s 2015 interview, in which he said, “India is a very tolerant country but some people are working to spread intolerance here.” Apart from this, the social media user also highlighted Kareena Kapoor Khan’s statement on nepotism, in which she, while interacting with leftist journalist Barkha Dutt, blamed the audience for nepotism in Bollywood and said that if someone was caught by her. If you have problems with movies, don’t watch them.