Mumbai: Bhojpuri cinema Dhansu actor and singer duo Ankush Raja (bhojpuri singer ankush raja) has recently released a new song, which is making a lot of noise on YouTube these days. The name of the song is ‘Tikuliya Laiha Sasaram Se’. This song has been released just 1 day ago, whose views have run away at a great speed.

The video of the song has been shot on Ankush Raja and Raksha Gupta. The onscreen chemistry of both is very strong and looks tremendous. It has been viewed more than 8 lakh times in a few hours. And now this figure is increasing rapidly.

Ankush has given his voice to this romantic song. At the same time, Suraj Singh Vicky Roshan is the writer of its melodious lyrics. Music is by Deepak Dilkash. The song has been released on Ankush Raja’s official YouTube channel.