Annu Kapoor got involved in a scandal with 38 years younger actress Ashmita, the actress said – take off all the clothes and melt the wax on my back…

Ekta Kapoor is called the queen of TV industry. She has given many TV serials to the TV industry. Many of his serials are still running. At the same time, Ekta Kapoor is also making a lot of noise through web series. She is bringing web series one after the other. At present, she remains in discussions about the webseries ‘Paurashpur’. At the same time, the artists working in it are also in the headlines.

Let us tell you that the webseries ‘Paurashpur’ has been launched recently. It is being liked a lot. Actress Ashmita Bakshi has worked with actor Annu Kapoor in an important role in this web series. While Ashmita Rani is playing a character named Umangalata, Annu Kapoor is seen as a sex addict king. His character’s name is Bhadra Pratap Singh.

At present, the discussion about this web series is going on in full swing regarding one of its scenes. In a scene, actress Ashmita Bakshi is seen getting intimate with actor Annu Kapoor. This bold scene of both is in the headlines. Ashmita has talked about this scene and her experience in the film and the reaction of the family in a recent interview.

Annu Kapoor made the scene comfortable…

Let us tell you that the sex scene of Ashmita and Annu has been shown in the very first episode of the web series. The audience is very excited about it and it is being discussed a lot now. Regarding the sex scene, Ashmita told in the interview that, Annu Kapoor has made this scene comfortable. According to him, it was not sex but a complete lovemaking scene with Kapoor and it was also Rani Umangalata’s first night with Raja Bhadra Pratap Singh. Annu Kapoor did not let me feel uncomfortable.

Real wax poured on the back…

Revealing another funny and interesting thing, Ashmita Bakshi said that the scene where hot melting wax is poured on her back was quite difficult. According to him, this was the most difficult part of the scene. Real wax was put on his back and not artificial. When wax was poured on his back, he was not wearing anything. They were covered with silicone sheets at this time, which reduced the effect a little.

Father gave such response…

What was the reaction of Ashmita’s father on the trailer of this web series, he also talked about this in the interview. He told that, my father saw the trailer of ‘Paurashpur’ and he liked it very much. Ashmita Bakshi told that, I doubted the reaction of the father, but he said that, he is waiting to see the web series. The father told Ashmita that, he did not hesitate at all for different types of roles. Let us tell you that along with Ashmita and Annu Kapoor, Paurashpur also has Milind Soman, Shilpa Shinde and Paolomi Das in important roles.

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