Mumbai: The 16th season of Bigg Boss 16 has started. In such a situation, the fans of this show start remembering the old shows and their contestants as soon as the new season arrives. On one hand there is a comparison of new and old contestants, on the other hand the behavior of host Salman Khan also starts to be assessed.

Meanwhile, the Riyaz Brothers are in the limelight, as both rapper Asim Riaz and his brother Umar Riaz have been a part of this controversial show. Both the brothers got a lot of love and popularity from the audience through this show. Meanwhile, his father Riyaz Ahmed Chaudhary has come into the limelight for one of his statements. He has described Salman Khan’s attitude as ‘hypocrisy’ in the last episode.

In fact, in yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss, when Salman Khan praised the doctor, it made Umar Riaz’s father Salman Khan very angry because last year Salman appreciated his son Umar’s profession in this way. Had not.

In yesterday’s episode, it was seen how Salman Khan scolded Shaleen for disrespecting the doctor. Salman said how hard doctors work and what you did decent was completely wrong!

After this show, Umar Riaz’s father was seen getting furious at Salman Khan and he recalled that last year, Salman had insulted Umar for being a doctor and not respecting the profession. Umar’s father further said that now he takes a stand for the doctors. With this, Riyaz Ahmed called Salman’s behavior as a hypocrite.

At the same time, Umar Riaz said in a tweet from his Twitter handle that the doctor is the real hero! Mbbs, Ms or Mch, are respect for the profession which helped the world in crisis and otherwise. People come on camera thinking they are heroes, go to the hospital and see what the doctors do and I am sure you will lose your senses!

Let us tell you that in Bigg Boss 13, Asim was declared the first runner-up of the show, while in Bigg Boss 15, Umar Riaz was evicted from the house due to the violence that took place with Prateek in the show.