New Delhi. Many such movies and series keep coming on Ullu App which attracts people who are fond of bold films. A new episode has been re-released on Ullu App. Whose name is Honey Part 2 (Shahad Part 2). This episode is also full of boldness like other episodes. In which hotness is also seen. By the way, there are many platforms for movies and web series where series and movies are released. Ever since the OTT platform has come. Since then there has been a glut of content for the people. People can watch whatever kind of content they want. Here I am going to tell some such series and shows present on Ullu App which are going to be liked the most by the people who are fond of boldness film and web series.

Lady Finger

A lot of romance is seen in this show present on the Ullu app. Its two episodes are available on Ullu App till now. In which there are husband and wife and the husband has relations with other women. In this show you are shown how a wife who wants to have a relationship with her husband. Who wants to spend a loving life with her but husband’s affair is going on outside. You can see it by going to Ullu App.


Three episodes of Wellman on Ullu App have been released. Which you can go and see on the Ullu app. People have liked this show so much, due to which its three episodes have come so far. It has also been shown in this how when a wife does not find love from her husband, she wanders elsewhere in search of love, which is clearly seen in this series.


If you have not seen this show till now then you should watch it immediately because in this series you have shown the romance and love between sister-in-law and brother-in-law. In this series of episodes, you see how a young boy is in search of love and a married woman is unable to find love from her husband. If you like watching movies and shows that show the love between sister-in-law and brother-in-law, then you can watch this.

Front window (Samne Wali Khidki)

Two episodes of this series have also been released. You can see it by going to Ullu App. It has shown the love of the young generation. How young generation people when they are not able to give satisfying love to each other then how people go in search of love to other people. It shows you the sweetness and bitterness in love between a young boy and a girl.