Actress and dancer Rakhi Sawant is dominated by controversies as well as about her personal life. Rakhi Sawant is in a relationship with businessman Adil Durrani these days and the fans are now eagerly waiting for the couple’s wedding. Whenever Rakhi Sawant is spotted with Adil, she is seen having fun. Something similar has been seen this time also. Rakhi and Adil were recently spotted, during which Rakhi has said something about Adil due to which the fans are not able to stop their laughter.

During this, Rakhi Sawant introduces a person who came with her to the paparazzi and says, “These are brothers and they are butchers. They bite me everyday.” Next to this Adil also jokingly says, “And she is going to send mutton to both of them.” After this Rakhi says, “I am the butcher’s.” This fun of Rakhi and Adil is being liked a lot. This video of both is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

Rakhi and Adil’s bonding

Let us tell you that Rakhi and Adil have been dating each other for a long time and the fans also like this pair very much. Both Rakhi and Adil keep sharing more than one funny video with each other with their fans, in which their bonding is very much liked. Along with this, Rakhi and Adil also do hot photoshoots with each other, in which their intense chemistry is covered.

Rakhi is eager to enter Bigg Boss

Yes… Rakhi Sawant, who has been seen in many seasons, is now expressing her desire to be seen in Bigg Boss once again. She has expressed this desire in front of the cameras many times. Rakhi Sawant wants that this time she should take entry in the show with Adil, where her marriage should also be done and Salman Khan will donate. Although Rakhi is not only an entertainer but she is also a TRP queen. This is the reason that every time she is seen in Bigg Boss house where she is seen entertaining people a lot.