In the festival of Chhath, only the songs of Chhath are in the role of both scriptures and mantras. Can you tamper with the mantra of any worship text? Absolutely every artist should sing new songs every year but keep the songs close to the original songs of Chhath. For example, by looking at the songs of Chhath, it will be known that broadly there are hundred elements in it. Creation, elements of nature. The matter of world welfare, family welfare, health, wealth and children etc. See also the tunes of Chhath songs, only two dozen tunes have been popular. In the general public, keeping these tunes in the folk tradition, keeping these elements, many songs should be composed every year, it would be good. But now the contemporary theme is also brought in the songs of Chhath. There are many ways to bring contemporary themes into folklore. Bring it in Kajri, bring it in Phag. There are many such genres already in which contemporary subjects have been coming. Sing the folk song. But, leave the songs of Chhath. If you associate it with synchronicity, other singers will sing it with the tune of Dhodhi. This has happened this year as well. Then you will say that he is singing Chhath song on Dhodhi, is it sung like this? So their answer would be that what happens if you are singing on a contemporary topic? Always look at the songs of Chhath from the point of view of scripture and mantra. With a sense of reverence and respect. Because the festival progresses on these songs, goes on, is celebrated for generations.