Bigg Boss 16: There was a ruckus in the house of Bigg Boss, this contestant had a scuffle with ‘Archana Gautam’

bigg boss 16 (Bigg Boss 16) The second week has started, now everyone is giving tough competition to each other to stay in the game. Everyone has to move ahead in the game and that is why now the friendship of the contestants is also turning into enmity. In the task for the captaincy, the contestants are seen getting aggressive with each other. Everyone wants to be ahead in the captain’s race and due to this there is a fierce competition among the contestants.

There was a ruckus over the captaincy

bigg boss 16 (Bigg Boss 16) The second week of the show has started and a war has broken out between the contestants. This time Shiv Thackeray and Gautam Vig are standing face to face in the race to become the captain. In this task, both will have to keep a tub on their head. All the family members will put some heavy thing in the tub one by one. Whoever he wants to exclude from the race for captaincy, more weight will be put in his tub. Some people are supporting Shiva in this task, while Gautam’s friends want to make him the captain.

Argument with Archana Gautam

Courtesy among the cards, Archana Gautam is going to put a suitcase full of clothes in Shiva’s tub to gain weight (Archana Gautam) Tries to stop them as Archana is supporting Shiva. As Archana tries to stop Shaleen, he angrily pushes her. Archana falls and gets hurt. Archana tells Bigg Boss that Shaleen pushed her and she should be thrown out of the show.

Sajid Khan supports Archana

When Shaleen pushes Archana, Sajid comes to Archana’s support and takes off his mic and throws it. Sajid talks to Bigg Boss to take action against Shaleen. Shalini is not ready at all that she has pushed Archana, but Archana constantly asks Shaleen to get out of the show. Now it has to be seen what action Bigg Boss takes on this.

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