Bigg Boss 16: What happened that Bigg Boss told Archana Gautam to shut up, Shalin Bhanot became his parrot

Bigg Boss 16 has got off to a great start. Every day many twists and turns are being seen in the show. Relationships, equations, friendship and bonding are seen changing everyday in this house. In one moment, where the contestants quarrel with each other, on the other hand later both of them also become friends of each other. Now the channel has recently shared a new promo of the show, where Bigg Boss asks the contestants to name a person whose voice sounds most irritating.

Abdu tells Archana to be quiet

In the latest promo of Bigg Boss 16, Bigg Boss asks all the contestants that “You all tell me one by one whose voice bothers you the most in the house.” Hearing the question of Bigg Boss, everyone starts laughing and looks at each other. All the contestants take Archana’s name and ask her to keep quiet. Abdu wakes up and says “fighting everyday, Ayya shut up Archana, shut your mouth.”

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Bigg Boss tells Arjana to be silent

After listening to everyone’s opinion, Bigg Boss asks Archana, “Now Archana will be silent with everyone in the house till my next update and will not speak at all.” After Bigg Boss’s decision, everyone gets up and shouts with joy, But Archana says “Bigg Boss please you can’t do this, it is very difficult to speak”, Bigg Boss interrupts and asks Archana to keep quiet. Later, Shalin Bhanot and Archana are called to the confession room and Bigg Boss asks Shalin to be Archana’s helper and speak on her behalf. Shalin Says “No Bigg Boss Please, I Will Lose My Mental Health Please Don’t Do This”

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Archana’s parrot becomes modest

Later, Archana makes Shalin wear a Popat cap and says “You have become my parrot”. After coming out of the room, Shalin told everyone that he would be Archana’s voice until Bigg Boss allowed her to speak. Everyone teases Shalin and deliberately asks Archana to speak on his behalf.

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