If we look at the history of Indian cinema from Raja Harishchandra to Lal Singh Chadda, then we will find that Indian cinema is going through a very difficult phase at present and it has a dire lack of originality and in a way it lives on copy content. Used to be.

Social media broke the illusion of the audience

In today’s time, there is no time to consider film stars as heroes and worship them like gods. The audience of the film has come to know that their actor is something on screen and something else in real life. Social media has broken the illusion of the audience.

Bollywood accused of nepotism

In the age of social media, the common audience knows very well what their favorite actor and actress really is. That’s why they don’t glorify them. Bollywood has been accused of nepotism and it has also been proved right in many ways. However, Kareena Kapoor and many other big personalities reacted sharply to this and said that no one forces the audience to watch our film.

Earlier religious films were at the center

If we look at the history of Indian films, then we will find that earlier films were made on religious subjects, in which Ramayana and Mahabharata were at the center. This period lasted for a decade. But over the next decade things changed as the film industry was dominated by communists and other groups. The left-leaning Indian People’s Theater Association (IPTA) influenced the film industry in the 1940s and 50s.

The effect of partition was shown on the films

In the later period, the effect of the partition of the country was clearly visible on Indian cinema. Some people left the country, including actors, producers, directors and singers. During that time many films were made on the Hindu caste system. After that many such films also came in which the complexities and evils of Hinduism were attacked. But here many evils also joined the industry.

accused of plagiarism

The heroes of the industry have become gods. His fans started worshiping him like a god. Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan are the heroes of that era. There was also a period when violence against women was shown a lot in films. But today’s audience does not like them. They want originality. Stars like Aamir Khan, whose films have been accused of plagiarism, people are not liking his Lal Singh Chaddha this time.

low budget movies are getting hit

In today’s era, a low budget film like Kashmir Files is becoming a hit. People are very fond of web series, in which Panchayat is the most recent favorite web series. Earlier, webseries like Mirzapur also went well. The reason for this is that the common man is no longer caught in the delusions of cinema, he is not mad after stardom. He wants originality and entertainment from films which he is not getting and that is why films are getting beaten up. Viewers have objection to copy content because in today’s era they have seen the original.