New Delhi. While the film Adipurush (#Adipurush) was waiting for a big hit, now the release of this film itself is under threat (#BoycottAdipurush). Attempts were made to release Adipurush on a large scale but the film has come to a halt at the breaker of Boycott Adipurush. The trend of boycott of the film has started from yesterday itself. Boycott Adipurush is trending on Twitter and around 50 thousand tweets are going to be about the boycott of the film. The boycott of this film on such a large scale shows that it has become a big issue. At the same time, the demand to file a complaint against this film has also arisen from many places. Plans have been made to lodge complaints against the film from Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai and many other places. In such a situation, Sant Samaj has made up his mind to teach a lesson to the Adipurush team, here we will talk about the matter related to this.

The news came this morning that Minister Narottam Mishra has also sounded the bugle regarding the boycott of this film. He has spoken of filing a complaint against the filmmakers of this film, besides demanding to change the characters. Now this voice has become louder and there is talk of boycotting the film and filing a complaint against the makers from most of the places. Sant Samaj has also stood up against Aadipurush film and tomorrow there is talk of registering a complaint against this film and the makers of this film in Andheri, Mumbai.

The Sant Samaj says that they are not refusing to make Ram Katha, but are opposing those who are insulting God in the name of making Ram Katha. While Swami ji, present on a YouTube channel, praised Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, he also announced to teach a lesson to the film Adipurush. Swamiji says that Sant Samaj is standing in opposition to this film and Sakal Samaj will together teach a lesson to the makers of this film and other films.

Swamiji described the character of Ravana as a jihadi in Aadipurush. Apart from this, he told this character by connecting him with Taimur. Swamiji believes that the character of Sita Mata has also been engraved in a dirty way in this film. Apart from this, Swamiji said that Hollywood is intoxicated on Bollywood and Bollywood people forget their culture and show western culture. Apart from this, they make fun of our religion. Swamiji has planned to file an FIR against the makers of the film. Swamiji says that he will burn Ravana tomorrow because he will burn the Ravana who is sitting in his heart from these demons. He has also targeted Bhushan Kumar and he said that if no changes are made then he will also stage a dharna outside Bhushan Kumar’s house. Now the promotion of this film can also be stopped. Because all the community and society has decided that either there should be a change in this film or else the opposition to this film will be intensified.