New Delhi. Boycott is going on on Twitter every day, sometimes someone is boycotted and sometimes someone else is boycotted. This boycott campaign is very fast. One or the other film is constantly being sacrificed for Boycott. But the makers feel that Boycott does not affect their films. Whereas it is clear that the films which were boycotted for the last few days have not been able to do well at the box office. Everyone’s old leaves have also been opened in this boycott. When who said what and when who did what, everything is being seen and heard. In such a situation, today Alia Bhatt has also started being Boycott #Boycottaliabhatt. Alia Bhatt is going to work in the upcoming film Brahmastra. In such a situation, why is he also being boycotted with his film, here we will talk about the same.

Let us tell you that many controversies are going on on social media regarding Alia Bhatt. First of all, a video of him is going viral. Where he said that whoever wants to see the film, see what he does not want to see. After this, the audience is constantly saying that when Alia is saying, don’t see, then we boycott the film again. Apart from this, people are also linking Ranbir Kapoor’s video to Alia, where Ranbir has said that he eats beef.

Apart from this, some people are also talking about Alia’s education on social media. Where the educational qualification of many stars is being talked about. There are reports in the past that most of the successful actors of Bollywood have not been able to pass the exam even after graduation. In such a situation, Alia Bhatt is also being trolled and it is being said that she is also 12th fail, so no one would like to see her film.

The talk of boycotting Alia is also going on because His father Mahesh Bhatt has always been anti-RSS. Apart from this, he is also opposed to the present government (Anti BJP Government). Many such videos of Mahesh Bhatt are also viral where he has always been taking the side of Muslims. Apart from this, the connection of Alia’s brother (Rahul Bhatt) is also said with David Headley. At the same time, the Pakistan love of Alia’s mother Soni Razdan is also known to all. Soni Razdan had said at one time that she wants to go to Pakistan, she likes the food there. Apart from this, if you look on Alia’s Wikipedia page, then Alia has British citizenship, about which people also say that all these people talk anti-India because they have taken citizenship outside.

Thus we see Mahesh Bhatt, Rahul Bhatt, Soni Razdan, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia’s own statements remain the reason for their boycott. Let us tell you, a photo of Alia is also becoming very viral on social media. Where she (Alia Bhatt) and Pooja Bhatt are seen with Rana Ayyub. People say that Rana Ayyub always talks about Anti-India. In such a situation, people are not liking Alia’s photo with her (Rana Ayyub) and now because of this, along with Boycott Brahmastra #boycottbrahmastra, Alia has also started to be Boycott #boycottaliabhatt.