New Delhi. The film Brahmastra is being released on 9th September, whose boycott is happening very fast #boycottbrahmastra. The trend of boycotting Brahmastra is going on continuously on Twitter. If this continues like this, then the makers of this film are going to suffer a huge loss. This film has been made around a budget of 300 crores. If this film was like the previous films and people did not go to see the film due to Boycott, then the loss of this film is going to give a big shock to the makers. By the way, everyone knows the statement of stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt working in this film, apart from this everyone also understands Karan Johar, how he is always Hindu culture. Keep trying to bring him down. Because of this, there is a constant opposition to his film. Apart from this, there are also some reports that once again an attempt is being made to give “Sufi education” through this film. That is, even if this film is in the name of Hindu religion, but you will not get to see the glorification of Hindu religion. What is the full story next.

People say – both Ranbir and Alia are anti-Hindu

You know how Ranbir Kapoor has already been shown wearing a shoe in the film in a musical. When he is going to the temple, he is wearing shoes. Apart from this, two such stars are working in this film who never promote Hinduism. Star Ranbir Singh, who worked in this film, loves to eat beef, besides Alia Bhatt’s parents have already converted to Islam. Both Alia and Ranbir actors are in the film. Apart from this, people even say that Ranbir Kapoor is also anti-Hindu. They just go round the temples during the release of the film, which is a clear show.

Brahmastra changed the name of the dragon

Now let us tell you what was the name of Brahmastra movie earlier. Actually there are such reports and people believe that earlier the name of this film was Dragon. Which was based on the story and character of Rumi. But when the makers saw that films made on Hindu religion are running these days. Hindutva influence. Apart from this, the film was named Brahmastra due to the fear of Boycott. While her story is mostly familiar to Rumi’s story and character. Ever since this news has come out people believe that they are once again being fooled by Bollywood in the name of Hindu religion. The name of the film may be Brahmastra but there is nothing in it to glorify Hinduism, but to show Hindu religion down.

Insulting the temple through music

Because people have already seen how Ranbir is going to the temple wearing shoes in a sangeet. How most of the words of Urdu are used in the whole music, not Sanskrit. How are those people working in this film who always talk anti-India and anti-Hindu. who eat beef. those who are intoxicated. Apart from this, there is no mention of Lord Rama or Sita anywhere in the film. Even though this film is being promoted in the name of a Hindu film. It is being told that Hindu culture will be shown in this, but still an attempt is being made to show romance through it. Somewhere in the film made on Hindu religion, Sanskrit shlokas, Hindu temples, worship of gods and goddesses are glorified, but there is no such thing in it, but they are shown entering the temple wearing shoes. Urdu words are being used. Romance is being shown.

Trying to fool Hindus by changing the name

Apart from this, the name of Dragon has been changed to Brahmastra to fool Hindus. Because the makers feel that if they keep the name associated with Hindu religion, then Hindus will come to watch the film as a fool. No matter how much the content is related to people or subjects of other religions. No matter how much effort is made to show Hindu religion down by moving here and there in the film. But change the name and the film will go on. People believe that now after knowing this truth, whatever Karan Johar and his team do, they will not go to see this film. Because they don’t want them to remain stupid even after knowing the truth. They do not want that their intellect should be Islamized once again by serving them something else in the name of Hindu religion.