New Delhi. As the days are getting closer, the boycott of Brahmastra is happening more and more fast. People are constantly bringing some old video or filmed scene, due to which the boycott of the film starts happening rapidly. If so, the way Laal Singh Chaddha, Shamshera, Raksha Bandhan and Liger flopped due to Boycott, this film may also flop due to Boycott. . #BoycottBrahmastra is going on for a long time, not from today. One, people are so angry with Karan Johar that even if a good actor or a film based on a good story comes, they reject it. Karan Johar is also the creator of Brahmastra. So this is also one of the reasons for the film to be boycotted. Here we will tell you about why the boycott of the film Brahmastra is happening now.

A few days ago, Alia Bhatt’s statement also came that those who do not want to see her film should not watch it. After which the opposition to the film Brahmastra intensified. Although this boycott storm stopped for a few days, but it has started again. Viewers say that till now they have been successful in boycotting those who had to boycott and now it is the turn of Brahmastra. Apart from this, now a scene of Ranbir Kapoor filmed in a film is going viral. Where he also worked with Aamir Khan in PK.

Apart from this, a video of Ranbir Kapoor is going viral where he is saying that his family was from Peshawar, due to which he loves the food there. Beef is Ranbir Kapoor’s favorite food among non-vegetarian food. He told that he eats beef the most. Apart from this, a photo of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt kissing in the film is also going viral. After which people are saying that the description of such scenes is to show Hindu culture in a bad light. Let us tell you that in the film Ranbir Kapoor’s name is Shiva and Alia Bhatt’s name is also associated with mother Parvati. Apart from this, the content of the film is also related to Hindu religion, after which people say that once again Hindu deities are being mocked through the film.

Apart from this, allegations are also being made against Alia’s British Citizen and her father Mahesh Bhatt. Let us tell you that on the Wikipedia page of Alia Bhatt, her citizenship is written by the British, so people are saying that that is why her entire family is anti-Hindu and anti-India. Because Alia Bhatt’s father has always spoken against the RSS. Apart from this, the connection of Alia Bhatt’s brother Rahul Bhatt is also said to be with David Headley. Due to all these reasons, Brahmastra is also on the target of Boycott and the boycott of this film may also intensify in the coming time.