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Boycott Radhika Apte trending on Twitter: Radhika Apte’s demand for boycott raised on social media

Boycott Radhika Apte trending on Twitter: Radhika Apte's demand for boycott raised on social media

Radhika is currently on the target of social media users because of Raj Kundra. People are talking about boycott him on Twitter and now #BoycottRadhikaApte is trending.

Radhika is being criticized for promoting adult content. People are constantly talking about boycotting his films. Many people are also angry about how Radhika and other Bollywood celebrities have kept silence regarding Raj Kundra’s arrest and porn case.

People are also talking about boycotting Radhika’s films like ‘Parched’ and ‘Hunter’. These angry people say that Radhika works against Indian culture.

Recently, Radhika was also in discussion about her nude clip, which was from her film ‘Clean Shaven’. The pictures became quite viral, due to which Radhika had said, ‘I could not even step out of the house for four days. My driver, my watchman, my stylist’s driver were recognizing me from those pictures.

The controversial images turning into a web sensation were selfies without clothes. Any reasonable individual would have seen her and perceived that she was not me or, in all likelihood she would have disregarded her. During this, he likewise discussed his film ‘Parched’. He had said, ‘When I needed to give a strong scene in the film Parched, I understood that now there isn’t anything passed on to stow away.