Brahmastra Box Office Collection: Has Karan Johar played the game of false figures of film’s earnings to run Brahmastra?

New Delhi. Brahmastra movie has been released. The film was released after getting caught in a lot of controversy. After the release of the film, the film was called very bad-mouthed by the critics, but now the figures of the film’s earnings are shocking to everyone. The way the figures of the film are coming, it seems that this film is going to prove to be the biggest blockbuster of this year. On the first day, the film did a business of about Rs 75 crores, and on the second day, the film did a business of about Rs 85 crores. The earnings of this film are increasing continuously. The film has done a business of around Rs 160 crore in two days. All this information is being given by the makers. Some viewers who came after watching the film are telling the film good as well, while some are calling this film bad, while now questions have also started arising about the collection report of this film. Here we will try to tell you why the audience is feeling that the makers are fooling the audience through this film.

Let us tell you that the career of Bollywood rested on this film. All the responsibility was on this film. Had this film lost, the public would have won once again or those who are boycotting the film would have won. Karan Johar and Bollywood people were not going to like this. Let us tell you that a few days ago, Arjun Kapoor also talked about teaching a lesson to the public. What lesson he wanted to teach to the public is not known, but perhaps that lesson was that in some way the back of the boycott should be broken.

Something like this seems to be happening. Because 2 days ago today, Joe Boycott’s tweets were trending on Twitter. They are not even visible now. Such reports and many experts believe that many times the makers make all kinds of impossible efforts in order to make their film a hit. Experts say that sometimes the PR company also gets its goodness done and the work of hiding its evils is also done. The PR company is entrusted with the task of allowing only good things related to this film to circulate on social media. After which the goodness of the film is seen everywhere, not the evil.

In such a situation, the good and praise related to this film is also visible but its evils are not visible. Apart from this, the collection of the film is also being told to be 75 crores and 85 crores. Now people say that maybe in this way the makers want to attract the audience towards the film. They want that when you tell the collection of this film in a big way, then people will come to see what is so special about this film. Although many people say that the film has not earned as much as it is being shown. Because if we talk in Hindi belt, then this film has done business around Rs 70 crore only. Now people have to ask that if this film has earned only around Rs 70 crore in the Hindi belt, then where is the earning of Rs 90 crore coming from? Is this film earning 90 crores world wide?

Many people say that the figures of this film are being told in a twisted manner. Some critics say that the figure of 60 to 70 percent is being rotated. Kangana Ranaut also expressed doubts on these figures and she says that this is a big game which has been played by Karan Johar, he is once again fooling the audience. Now the only thing to understand here is that the film which was rejected outright by the audience. The film which got bad reviews. How can a film which is still not liked by the audience so much, how can it touch such a figure.


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