Brahmastra: Due to the lack of audience, the film Brahmastra had to be removed from the country’s largest theater, it is not earning

New Delhi. We are constantly hearing about the Brahmastra movie. There are also reports about the collection of Brahmastra film. The makers say that the film has done a business of over Rs 250 crore. There the truth is something else. People say that the collection of the film is actually not what is being told. If we talk about the collection of Brahmastra film, then the film has done a business of around Rs 164 crores in India so far. At the same time, the film has done overseas business of around Rs 60 crores. If we talk about the total collection of the film, then the film has collected around Rs 220 crore worldwide. Initially the film had a lot of buzz. But it seems that now the craze of the film is over. However, the makers are waiting for the weekend and are hoping that their box office collection will increase this weekend. But this film will also have to do business of more than 100 crores this weekend to recover its cost. Where it got a lot of screens, now this film has started landing from some big theaters. Here we will talk about this.

The film was released on a lot of screens. Initially a lot of buzz was created about this film. Due to this the film also got a good opening. But as soon as 2 or 3 days passed, the buzz of the film stopped. Most of the audience is not liking the film. Due to which a large number of viewers are not turning to the cinema hall. Initially, when this film was released, it got a lot of shows. Exhibitor Manoj Desai of Mumbai himself also put 3000 shows of this film in 3 theaters (Gaety, Galaxy, Maratha Mandir). But now they have removed the film from one theater and the film is engaged in the remaining 2 theatres. Manoj Desai is not happy with both the story and the collection of the film. He says that the film is continuously falling from the box office. Manoj Desai says –

“The film has done well on the opening day. Although still the film could not be housefull. The film is said to be Brahmastra, there was Brahmastra which was a very big weapon. But that thing happened on the side and the whole film became a love story. All of a sudden the entire content was shifted to the side and the film was made on the entire love story of the whole. What was shown in the story was incomprehensible. The film had a good opening, but since Monday the collections of the film have started falling. Those who are falling are not taking the name of getting up. It’s a big film, that’s why I ran Gaiety and Maratha Mandir in the second week or else I removed the film from Galaxy. I wanted theater full but that didn’t happen. I have reduced the ticket price of the film. But the film has not gone as I expected. The story of Brahmastra is not good. Because what you put in had to be adjusted. I remember the old directors for whose films the public used to stand and applaud. Manoj Desai is not satisfied with the film as the film has disappointed him in the first place, apart from this the collections of the film are also falling continuously.

On Ranbir Kapoor’s statement about beef, Manoj Desai said – People with cow-meat cannot even enter the Ujjain temple.In a recent interview, Manoj Desai has described this film as not good. He believes that the title of the film and the film do not match with each other. Something else was said in the story and the love story shown is gone which is not correct. Because of this, there is a shortage of viewers. The enthusiasm of the audience towards the film is also decreasing. Apart from this, the collections of the film are also falling continuously.


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