Mumbai: Filmmaker Sajid Khan has been out of the limelight for four years, but he surprised everyone on Saturday night. The director entered Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 16 as a contestant.

Sajid discussed about his flop films ‘Humshakals’ and ‘Himmatwala’. Known for their witty style, Salman and Sajid made jokes about films. However, the producer also spoke about being expelled from the successful franchise ‘Housefull’.

Before entering the house, Sajid Khan spoke openly about the many ups and downs and controversies of his life. He spoke of being unemployed, but none of them raised the issue of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Sajid told Salman on the grand premiere stage of Bigg Boss 16, “I didn’t have much work, I am at home for the last four years. So, when the Colors team called me up, I decided that I should come here and maybe learn something about myself.

He also spoke about not having any work and said, “I have seen many ups and downs in my life and have seen too many in the last four years.” Additionally, Salman also remembered the A-listers actors Sajid has worked with.

Sajid further said, ‘Failure is supposed to ruin individuals. But in my position, I was doomed by my achievement. With three successive successes, I had taken on an arrogant and arrogant attitude. I had such a belief that I had achieved everything and could never make a successful film again”.

The director said, “Upper wale phatkar jaapda mara ‘Himmatwala’ aalaa, was giving arrogant remarks aala ‘Humshakals’ aala and a little bit happened again. When I started talking disgusting things, the almighty hit me and Himmatwala flopped badly. After lookalike, I hid my face.