web series: crash course

artist: Annu Kapoor, Mohit Solanki, Ridhu Haroon, Anoushka Kaushik and Riddhi Kumar among others

OTT: amazon prime video

the director: Vijay Maurya
The web series ‘Crash Course’ starring Annu Kapoor has been released on Amazon Prime Video. Seeing the title of the series and then the trailer, it was clear that its story is based on the coaching institutes and the students studying there. The web series ‘Kota Factory’ made on students preparing for competitive examinations in coaching institutes has already been seen by the audience. In such a situation, ‘Crash Course’ was obviously to be compared with ‘Kota Factory’. Let us tell you whether the web series lives up to the expectations.

loss of connection

The story of ‘Crash Course’ runs between the students as well as the teachers and the owners of the coaching institute in which a lot of drama is seen at many places. This is a web series of about seven and a half hours. In ‘Kota Factory’, Jeetu Bhaiya is such a teacher whom every student wants. Same goes for ‘Crash Course’ where AK Sir and Pranay Pachauri are there. He spreads the same magic among the students through his methods of teaching. While watching Jeetu Bhaiya and his students directly connects the audience, it is missed at many places in ‘Crash Course’.

Annu Kapoor’s character

In ‘Crash Course’, Annu Kapoor is playing the character of Ratanraj Jindal, the owner of a coaching institute in Kota. The way his coaching institute progresses in the city, he starts dreaming that one day he will change the name of the city to RJ Nagar. Annu Kapoor as a businessman who wants his students to be in top 10 rank in IIT JEE in every possible way. Annu Kapoor’s focus was only on his business and for this he would go to any extent. Sometimes he comes across as the villain who uses a student’s suicide to his advantage. Annu Kapoor lives up to her character and has acted strongly.

More drama in ‘Crash Course’

Student suicide is a fact in the world of competition. This story has been shown through three candidates in the web series which makes us think that what can be done so that students are not forced to commit suicide. ‘Quota Factory’ holds the whole till half end while ‘Crash Course’ has to fight for it. The soundtrack of ‘Crash Course’ is impressive which makes every scene equally intense.