New Delhi. The protest against Adipurush is going on in full swing. About 60 thousand tweets have been made about the film’s Boycott (#BoycottAdipurush). There is a demand from all sides to boycott the film. It is being told that in the film, along with the gods and goddesses of Hindus, an attempt has been made to show Ravana in a funny way. Many people allege that this film, which is being said to be inspired by Ramayana, is not inspired by Ramayana but Islamization of Ramayana is definitely there. Various allegations are being made on the teaser of the film. When this film was released, the first allegations were regarding the VFX of the film and people said that the VFX which are there looks like cartoon, it seems that the film was made of cartoon level. Is. While a lot of jokes are being made about the VFX of this film, now filmmaker Om Raut has broken the silence on it and his statement regarding the teaser has come to the fore. Om Raut has given statements regarding the VFX of the film, here we will tell you about the same in detail.

After a lot of allegations, now the statement of director Om Raut has come. Talking to The Indian Express, Om Raut has put forth his statement regarding the film. Om Raut says, “I was definitely disappointed but not surprised as the film has been made for a big medium big screen. You can reduce it to some extent but you cannot bring it to the mobile phone. This is an environment that I cannot control. As an alternative I don’t put it on VFX but putting it on YouTube is also the need of the hour. We have to put there so that our content can reach as many audiences as possible.”

Raut further says that T-Series is one such YouTube channel which has a lot of subscribers. That’s why we showed this teaser there so that even those people who don’t go to the theaters often go to the cinema hall. He has made the film to be seen by everyone from children to elders. Apart from this, he says that this film is not only made for small screen or mobile, but it has been made only for cinema hall and big screen. So this film cannot be seen on the small screen. Raut believes that he has made this film for the big screen cinema hall and not for watching on the mobile screen.