New Delhi. After making amazing films like Queen and Super 30, once again Vikas Bahl has brought a film. The name of this movie is Good Bye. Amitabh Bachchan, Rashmika Mandanna, Neena Gupta, Sunil Grover, Pavail Gulati, Ashish Vidyarthi, Elli Avram, Sahil Mehta, Shivin Narang, Sanjeev Pandey and other actors have worked in the film. Sudhakar Reddy has handled the work of cinematography in the film. The music of the film is given by Amit Trivedi. Apart from this, the lyrics have been written by Swanand Kirkire. This film is directed by Vikas Bahl. Who is the captain of this ship and he has done such work with his entire team that the film will touch your hearts and settle in your hair. The story of this film can be told easily but the way of telling this film is very emotional. Believe me, all the people sitting in the theater could not hold back their tears. Then let us try to know here why the audience could not hold back their tears while watching this film.

what is the story

The story of the film is very simple. There is a family in which there was a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a housekeeper and a dog. But the mother was now and is no more. When the mother was alive, this family was not together, now when the mother is not there, then this whole family has come to be together in the last farewell of their mother. This family is a rich family. In which customs, rituals are considered to be old, worn-out methods. There is a family in which the boys are so busy that they do not remember before their work and personal life that they have any parents with whom their hearts should have been attached. There is also a sister and daughter of parents who are modern and question the customs. There is a boy who does not even want to cut his hair as a ritual after his mother’s funeral. There is a son who also has sex after his mother’s rituals. Now the most important member in this family has left the family. Who is mother Which held all these relationships together. Which used to connect itself with modern thoughts and lives. Without which everyone is incomplete and alone and this is what happens in the story also after that everyone is alone, all are incomplete. Everyone is learning to live by the customs of this world. Now will this modern family attach itself to the old customs or will the modern way break a single father, the story of this film is based on this.

how is the story

Such films are not asked how it is. If you feel such films yourself, then you come to know how the film is actually. But for your curiosity, we will put some memorable moments of our share in front of you, then you will decide how the story is. Here we are going to tell about this story point by point –

  • Firstly, the story does not delay in getting to the topic. With good dialogues in the beginning, the story tells how a big gap has taken birth in the family between parents and children. Because in modernity we remember our work but forget the names of our loved ones.
  • The film initially tells you about the real characters of modern life, whose characters are completely empty from inside. Seeing those who make you think that there is no heart in them. (It has been shown in the film that at the time of funeral, people forget the funeral and are busy taking more selfies in the mobile. The film tells how human beings have stopped feeling human. We can be very own to someone today. The same people can make a spectacle of our death after we are not tomorrow.The people who are always with us don’t take a moment to forget us and get busy in their personal life.
  • It often happens that when someone cries on the screen, your tears automatically come unwillingly. Everyone is crying here on the screen. A family is breaking up. In this way you miss your family. You associate yourself with the characters on the screen and then you also start crying like 90 percent of the people present in the theater were crying.
  • Today man has forgotten his family and his needs in the midst of his hustle and bustle. It is clearly visible in this film.
  • It is not that the entire film is just filled with tears and emotions, but let us tell you that the makers of this film are well aware of how comic scenes are presented on sensitive occasions like a funeral.
  • The film tells how the house workers who live with you become your own and those who are away from you, those whom you have sent away to become something by reading, they get away from you and so far to come near. Somebody has to lose his life.
  • A husband becomes mostly dependent on his wife. Most of his things have to be remembered and handled by the wife, but just imagine that if that wife goes away, how lonely will that man who has always taken the support of his wife to stand.
  • The film also questions who is the greatest in both culture, customs and science and easily answers them that science and geography are not useful to the family, only the moments spent with the family are useful.
  • Your eyes are fixed on many scenes of the film like keeping a garlanded photo of the maid of the house in the hall. Amit ji remembering Neena ji. There was talk between Pavail Gulati and Rashmika at the Ganga Ghat that we do not know since when both of us brothers and sisters did not even sit and talk leisurely. A scene where Amitabh is about to flow ashes in the Ganges and talks heart to heart with Neena. Apart from this, when Sunil Grover narrates the story to Amitabh’s entire family, why the ashes are flown in the Ganges. There are many scenes where your screen remains fixed.
  • The final moment of the film is very emotional where the audience sobs and cries. Imagine that a mother whom you love very much has left your world and you have not been able to attend her funeral, this story touches such an emotion.

In short, the theme of the film is new and unique and has been shot in an even more unique way. The dialogues and scenes of the film bring tears to you and the person sitting next to you. The film teaches us about family. Tells us how important relationships are and how important it is to sit with these relationships, talk and tell time. How important it is that you tell your loved one what is in your heart, otherwise I do not know when he will be there to say it. The film tells how our family is scattered, but this scattered family joins when one of these people passes away from among us. Now even though the film teaches us a lot, but we are the modern humans of the modern world. Those who very quickly forget those who are gone and become busy in their own world. We learn from the film, but I wish we could keep this learning in our heart and don’t forget everything after watching the film. It’s a pity that most people forget everything. The writing, direction, music, acting, cinematography of the film does wonders in every respect.

I am quoting you some dialogues from the film –

“Stories are what run the world”

“First learn to make a tune, then tell how the tune is made”

“Gayatri ji has come many times from mother earth. But this journey has left stories for you.”

“We will all take a right turn one day, even though we may not be walking”