It is very important to look fit and young in Bollywood. And to look fit, actresses do not know what to do, go to the gym, do yoga, means follow their entire diet plan, today we will talk about one such actress. Who is one of the sexy actresses of Bollywood, her name is Anushka Sharma. Anushka Sharma takes full care of her diet along with gym, yoga to keep herself fit. She takes great care of her fitness along with her acting, so today we know Anushka’s diet plan, by following which you too can become fit like Anushka.


Anushka’s diet plan is quite simple. Anushka prefers to eat home-cooked food, let’s first talk about how Anushka starts her day. Anushka starts her day with coconut water or lemon water, only then she drinks tea. After tea, Anushka eats upma, poha, a glass of juice and two eggs in breakfast, she eats something every two hours. That is why she does not have lunch directly after breakfast, but drinks lemon water or coconut water after two hours.


Then in lunch, Anushka eats homemade food, in which she takes only lentils, roti, vegetables, fish and salad, in the evening she takes seasoned fruits and protein bars in snacks, she takes something light in the dinner, so she Tries to have dinner at home. And what she eats in lunch, she eats in dinner too, Anushka never forgets to drink milk before sleeping. Apart from this, Anushka drinks a lot of water to keep herself hydrated, Anushka likes chicken momos very much but she stays away from fast food. Here is the diet plan of Anushka’s food and drink.

dance for half an hour

Apart from this, Anushka works very hard to stay fit. To keep herself fit, Anushka does dieting as well as heavy exercise and yoga, so she has made some rules, which she definitely follows. Anushka Sharma does yoga regularly. She loves to dance, so Anushka does dance for half an hour, it relaxes the muscles and generates happy hormones.

does meditation

Anushka’s sedul is very BG, but whenever she gets some time from her BG sedul, she definitely goes for a walk for at least 4-5 days, apart from this, Anushka definitely does meditation to keep herself calm. Quite often, Anushka does meditation even twice a day, this was the secret of Anushka’s fit, so if you also want a figure like Anushka, then follow this diet plan of Anushka from today itself.