Now maybe they do not even need to explain to anyone about the relationship between Arjun Kapoor and Jhanvi Kapoor. What was there in the past was there, but at present, the bond between these two is like any normal brother and sister. They tease each other, so it is also protective for them. Not only this, they now openly talk about the bond between them. They are so frank about it that they do not hesitate to reveal that even though all is well between them now, but a line has been drawn somewhere, which will probably go away with time. Jahnavi had said such things in many interviews.

If it weren’t for these two, I probably wouldn’t have survived

In Karan Johar’s chat show, Janhvi Kapoor had revealed that if Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor were not with her when her mother Sridevi passed away, she probably would never have recovered from this grief. She said that she is grateful for the support and the presence of both makes her feel more secure.

In difficult times, just standing together without saying anything and forgetting all the bitter feelings and becoming a strong shield for them, what Arjun-Anshula did, it taught what it really is to maintain humanity and relationship.

i got two more siblings

While talking to Filmfare, Janhvi while talking about her bond with Arjun and Anshula said that the presence of both of them has made her stronger. The actress had said that now she has got two more siblings. Jhanvi called herself lucky and said that there can hardly be anything better than this.

It is said that clapping is played with both hands, and the same effect is seen in the relationship between Arjun and Jhanvi. If the actor took the first step on his behalf, then his step sister also did not delay in giving him entry in his world and giving him the full right to be a brother. This quality of both of them shows how big heart they have for their loved ones.

there’s nothing like an idol relationship

Commenting on her relationship with her step brother, Jhanvi had said that there is no such thing as an ideal relationship. He said that trust, a sense of security and mutual understanding, these things matter differently to every person and when they happen in a relationship, it can be said to be close to the definition of ideal. Jhanvi had said that her and Arjun’s relationship is modern, new and special. She considers herself lucky to have him as her elder brother.

expressed love and affection

Janhvi Kapoor had also openly expressed love and affection for brother Arjun in one of his Instagram posts. On the actor’s 36th birthday, she wrote in a lovely post that wherever she hides, she will find him and they will always stand by her as a family no matter what happens.