New Delhi: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has emerged as the messiah of the poor and needy. Everyone appreciated the work he did during the Corona period. During the lockdown, from taking people home by buses to taking care of their food and drink. His goodness has earned him a status above that of an actor.

People from every state of the country are fans of Sonu Sood. But fans are fans. For them, their hero is God. One of the unique fans of Sonu Sood is also from Pratapgarh. Madhu Gurjar (Art), a fan of Sonu Sood, living in Barkheda village of Pratapgarh, has made a wonderful painting of Sonu Sood with his own blood.

Madhu Art has reached Mumbai and presented this painting to its idol Sonu Sood. Although Sonu Sood did not like it. He took the painting, but refused to do so. Sonu Sood has also praised this painting of Madhu a lot, as well as Sonu Sood also appealed to Madhu to paint with colors instead of blood. Sonu Sood said that donate blood, my brother, don’t waste it by making my painting with blood.


Hope’s name is Sonu Sood

During the Corona period when there was an outcry everywhere. Only news of death was coming out from all sides and there were piles of dead bodies in the crematorium. People were wandering for help, at that time Sonu Sood had emerged as the hope of lakhs of people.

During Corona, he had helped many needy and was covered everywhere. Sonu Sood remains everyone’s favorite because of this habit.

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