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Karnan Review, Rating | Karnan Movie IMDB Rating

Karnan Review, Rating | Karnan Movie IMDB Rating

Karnan is finally released and here is a review of Dhanush’s movie Karnan. It is a Tamil movie directed by Mari Selvaraj and produced by Kalaipuli S. Thanu. Karnan cast includes “Dhanush, Lal Paul, Natarajan Subramaniam and Rajisha Vijayan” in a lead role.

Here is a complete review of Karnan Tamil movie of Dhanush.



“Mari Selvaraj did a finest work l. He is really a greatest asset to Tamizh Industry and Dhanush he simply nailed with his realistic performance. Some scenes gives us goosebumps and Natty his acting was class and those who watched film knows how terrific was Totally This film is One of the Masterpiece in Tamizh Industry.”

“This film grab more awards for sure especially for direction action cinemotography and set work and the story line was simple but screenplay was fantastic and climax fight literally fire.”

This is a complete family movie, enjoy it…

Karnan Rating IMDb

Karnan Review/Rating- 9.3/10

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  • M. Siraj

    2021.04.10 Review Karnan.
    Mari Selvaraj with his first film “Pariyerum Permual” who sent a vibe among the Tamil Audience, again strikes with story of oppressed people’s rights in the Community. The first shot where Kaattu Pechi is dying due to fits in the road where other vehicles are moving without giving a helping hand clearly portrays the inhuman character of the normal people and the depth of that scene is pinned the viewers with top angle camera work.
    Selvaraj took the story thread (I hope) from the horrified incidents which happened in Manjolai and Kodiyankulam in 1990s, how oppression can be deceptive, and how the vested bureaucracy stands by the side of the oppressor and even takes part in the subjugation. Even though the story is so simple as villagers are looking for a bus stop in their village, and due to the refusal of bus owners a bus is trashed by villagers, prompting the cops, led by the egocentric Policeman (Natty), to avenge, but Mari Selvaraj made it special in detailing the film, feel both unique and exemplary.
    Mari Selvaraj has found a perfect balance between conventional commercial formula and the emblematic storytelling, all the characters were well tailored, the actors were not at all acted, YES, they were moulded and lived accurately in the hands of Mari Selvaraj in whose world even the animals, birds, insects, eagle, dogs, cats, elephants, pigs, bugs, finally a donkey which shuffles around the village with tied legs are also a part in the film and got well screen place. The donkey and the horse that are shown so exquisitely many times boost the overall story of the movie, the way they are used is a whimsical symbolism. In a particular scene where Nutty is beating the villagers in Police station, the torture of the people was essayed by a butterfly which is crawling in the wall to escape is sample shot for his brilliance.
    Lal has a fitting and attention-grabbing role with which he outrivalled whereas Nutty (Nataraj) villain character is commendable, his look, his positioning amidst villagers while interrogation, he clearly emits his supercilious grudge. He even refuses to speak with villagers since villagers raised heads and their voices he considers as an insult and chooses calculated move to thrash them at a later stage at Police station.
    Recently Dhanush got National Film award for best actor, again he proved in this film that the jury did not make a mistake in awarding him, his fantastic action scenes, and the emotional moments to express the anguish of the oppressed especially when he says “Enga thirumbinaalum evanavadhu oruthan marachutu irukaan” (Wherever we turn somebody is blocking us) he brings out the anguish and helplessness of a common downtrodden person. Hats off to him.
    “Karnan”” is an apt example of good cinema were
    Mari Selvaraj used many allegories, the little girl with an idol-like mask, a donkey whose legs are tied, the vulture that take up the chicken, Character names etc are helpful to amplify the screen play and that visuals he used, without usual heroic punch dialogues are well knitted to represent villagers’ struggle and another highlight of this film is recreating an entire 90s period village by art director and the last scenes were so emotional and violent to make the viewers heart heavy.
    Mari Selvaraj is sending a strong message through his work, as a public usually we never search about the reason whenever riots occur, a commission headed by a retired judge will be set up and ended, beyond that we never pursuit for the real reasons for riot, here “Karnan” Mari Selvaraj has whipped up many untold real events through this film.
    Karnan at Cinepolis Cinemas at Jeddah on 2021.04.09.

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