Bigg Boss 16: At present, 7 people are nominated in the Bigg Boss house and with every nomination process, everyone’s equation in the house is also changing. The bitterness between them is increasing day by day. This time in the nomination process (Bigg Boss 16 Nomination), the foundation of the relationship has become weak.

In the new week, Bigg Boss also kept the style of nomination new. This time in the nomination process, after choosing the contestants of the house with mutual consent, one had to nominate one to be evicted from the house this week. Abdu Rozik, Shiv, Tina, Nimrit, Gautam and Soundarya were nominated by the family members according to the task. But Gori Ngori was put in the nomination by Archana under special authority.

There is a lot of discussion on social media about this week’s task. While people are surprised by the nomination of Abdu Rojic, there is a lot of churning going on about who will get the least votes and who will go out of the house. Many pages have already started voting, in which Abdu Rojic has got the maximum votes and, while the least votes have come for Ghori Ngori. This is the reason why people are speculating that this week Gori will go out of the house. Since this process, everyone’s relationships and friendships in the house seem to be changing.