New Delhi. Many such movies and series keep coming on Ullu App which attracts people who are fond of bold films. A new episode has been re-released on Ullu App. Whose name is Honey Part 2 (Shahad Part 2). This episode is also full of boldness like other episodes. In which hotness is also seen. By the way, there are many platforms for movies and web series where series and movies are released. Ever since the OTT platform has come. Since then there has been a glut of content for the people. People can watch whatever kind of content they want. Apart from this, if people are fond of some such content which is a bit bold and native, then there are also Ullu, Alt Balaji and many such apps which also give bold and native series. Like Palangtod, Siskiyan, Khoon Bhari Maang, many episodes of these sub-series and shows have been released which have been well-liked by the audience. Today we will talk about a new show here which is recently released on Ullu App. Today we are going to talk about Lady Finger Part 2 here.

We watched the 53 minute episode of Lady Finger Part 1 and made a place in the hearts of the bold and hot movie buffs in this 53 minute episode. In the second episode, we saw the bold style of Aayushi and Pallavi. We saw how Ayushi’s husband is in love with Pallavi. When Ayushi takes the help of Mahi Kaur to bring out her husband’s truth, we saw that a relationship is established between Mahi Kaur and Ayushi’s husband as well. In Lady Finger’s Part 2, the story does not progress much but in the meantime, it remains focused that after all, Ayushi’s husband keeps giving her time and giving time to everyone.

In this, you keep seeing bold and hot scenes. Even though you may not have got to see many dark hot scenes in this series, but still these episodes of yours keep you entertained. If you liked the first episode of Lady Finger, then you are going to like its second episode too. Because in the second episode also Ayushi’s husband is shown romancing other girls. At the same time, Ayushi wanders in search of her husband’s love. For the viewers who are fond of bold and hot films, this is a great episode that they can watch. In which you also get to see some adult scenes.