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If you are a growing talent in the field of television, film, sports, theatre, etc. then BollyTrendz is a platform where we can publish your profile on our website. On our website anybody having talent or internet personality can make their profile and show their talent to the world.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You/Your client should have gain some fame in the field you/your client are in.
  • There should be some information or interview about you/your client on some popular website.
  • If you/your client is a social media influencer we can make their profile.


We charge $40 to make profile on BollyTrendz. If you want to update your profile/article information then you have to pay extra charge for every time you want to update your profile/article.

Terms & Conditions

  • When you connect us through email, we ask about you/your client’s government ID for verification.
  • Prices will be fixed and can change with time.
  • Amount you pay for creating profile will non-refundable.
  • In case of any dispute, BollyTrendz reserves full right to take the final decision on the interpretation of these terms & conditions and also reserves the right to resolve the same as per the Terms & conditions.

Contact us

For any query contact us at [email protected]