New Delhi. There was a lot of opposition before the release of the film Brahmastra. People fiercely decided to boycott the film and did it. After the release of the film, it got a lot of negative reviews. Although the film has given a good opening on its first day and is expected to have good collections in future as well. Let us tell you that Mukesh Khanna has also given statements many times due to the boycott of Brahmastra film and he has also registered his anger with Bollywood not to do such things which hurt the audience. Recently, Mukesh Khanna has said something about the director of the Indian film industry, which everyone will be surprised to hear. Mukesh Khanna has said that new directors and actors do not have knowledge of Hindu religion. Why has he said this, here we will talk about it.

Let us tell you that when Mukesh Khanna was asked a question on the boycott of Brahmastra, he said, “In the past too many such films have been made in Bollywood in which Hindus have been targeted. The deities of Hindus have been ridiculed. But Hindus were asleep at that time and they take pride in being tolerant themselves. Mukesh Khanna said that not all films flop because of the content. Rather, these old deeds of these actors are making their films flop. Those who are just grown up stars do not have manners. They do not know that there is public public. They think that they will make fun of Hindu religion and the audience, yet people will go to see the film. But there is nothing like this, due to this behavior of these people, films do not get openings and films flop.

Mukesh Khanna further said that Bollywood should learn from the South film industry because the respect that is given to those stars there is given only because of their behavior towards the public. These stars should also learn from them. How people started killing themselves after Jayalalithaa’s death. How come even today if Rajinikanth comes out, people loot so much love. So these people should learn from South Industry. Apart from this, Mukesh Khanna said in this interview that these new directors and actors who have come, they have neither knowledge of Hindu religion, nor any identity of Hindu religion nor have any respect for Hindu religion.