Nagpuri-Mundari short film Bandha Khet breaking many records of success, this story of Gaon Khet has now been selected by Tata Steel in the National Film Competition with the community held every year. The film Bandha Khet has got the third place in the country.

The film has been selected in many film festivals

From 7 August to 12 August this film festival was held in Jamshedpur. The directors of the film NPK and Anurag Lugun were called by Tata Steel to represent their film. Bandha Khet has been very popular in the past and has been selected in many film festivals. The film has also been selected in the second Jharkhand Science Film Festival, which will be held in Kolhan region from August 17 to August 20.

Nagpuri film ‘Bandha Khet’ achieved new position, selected in National Film Competition
Nagpuri film Bandha Khet achieved new heights

In Nagpuri film Dahleez Pithoriya from 17th August

The film Dahleez, which has given a different identity to the Nagpuri cinema world, is now going to reach village-village. The film’s producer Yatindra Mishra told that it is going to start from Pithoria Ranchi from August 17 so that Nagpuri film can reach the audience of rural areas.

Free filmmaking workshop organized in Nagpuri Institute

To promote the regional film of Jharkhand, a five-day free filmmaking and filmmaking workshop is going to be held from August 17 to August 20 at Nagpuri Institute of Pithoria in which any interested person can participate. Will take their young experienced team.