New Delhi. Shah Rukh Khan is going to come with many films in 2023. After a long time, Shahrukh is going to appear in a film. In which he will start with the film Pathan (#Pathaan). The film Pathan will be released in January 2023. However, the boycott of that film (#BoycottPathaan) had started just a few days back. Let us tell you that looking at the atmosphere at this time, it is being said that the boycott of that film is going to happen very fast. Shortly before today, when there was talk of boycotting many films (#BoycottBollywood), then there was also Pathan (#Boycottpathaan) in it. In such a situation, whenever his film comes, it is sure to be a boycott of his film. But now a new update related to the film has come out. Pathan has not been released yet and a news related to it has come out which can surprise everyone.

The trend of Boycott which is going on at this time can bring down any film. We saw how the trend of Boycott has dropped a film like Laal Singh Chaddha (#Laalsinghchaddha) by boycotting it at the box office. In such a situation, the trend of Pathan’s Boycott was also going on. Viewers are waiting for Pathan’s (#Pathaanreleasedate) release date to get closer so that they can boycott that film. In such a situation, news is coming from some special sources that after Pathan, the makers are also going to release Pathan 2 (#Pathaan2). Yes, E-Times reports that after the release of Pathan, Pathan is ready to release 2 as well.

The preparations for the release of Pathan 2 have already started and the makers believe that Pathan will be a big hit and no one can stop him from becoming a hit, so they will definitely bring the second part of this film as well. The second part of Pathan will start with the ending of the first part. However, no official announcement has been made about the arrival of Pathan 2 yet. But most likely, there will definitely be another part of Pathan.

Now the question arises when the biggest films are not running in today’s time. Shahrukh Khan’s previous film has already been a flop. Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chaddha has been sacrificed to Boycott and Pathan is on the target of Boycott of the audience, so the arrival of the second part tells how today the makers are not even able to see the truth unfold. The film is not even released yet and already the film is in controversy. People have a problem with the title of the film that how can a film titled Pathan be brought and how can a Hindu see it. Apart from this, as we had seen that during the time of Lal Singh Chaddha, many statements of Aamir Khan went viral, after which the film Boycott was sacrificed, similarly Shahrukh Khan’s letters are also going to open in the coming time and the film will be on the target of Boycott. Is gonna. At present, the information about the arrival of the second part of Pathan is coming to the fore, only time will tell what happens next.