Raju Srivastav Health Update: A bad news came out about the famous comedian Raju Srivastav. According to reports, the comedian suffered a heart attack while working out in the gym and fell on the treadmill. After this he has been admitted to ‘AIIMS’. At the same time, according to the latest report, the comedian is currently kept on ventilator support at AIIMS.

According to the information, when the condition became serious, Raju was first kept under the supervision of the doctors of the Department of Medicine in the emergency, after which he was admitted to the CCU (Cardiac Care Unit). Angiography of Raju Srivastava was done in which 100% block was found in a large part.

Let us tell you, Raju Srivastava has earned a lot of name in comedy. He is the uncrowned king of this field. He has also appeared in many TV shows. His fan following on social media is also very high. Fans want to hear something from their mouth every moment, which brings laughter on the faces of the fans. Not only this, Raju Srivastava has also appeared in many films. He has worked with many big stars. At the same time, this news has given a big blow to the friends and fans of the industry including the family of the comedian.

Let us tell you that ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge-Champions’ was won by Raju Srivastava. For years, he has been seen tickling people on the basis of his talent. This is the reason why the fans are shocked by this news, and are constantly asking for prayers and wishing him a speedy recovery.