Mumbai: There has been a debate for a long time regarding the entry of Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss 16. Some are against him, some are in support of him. Entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant who has already been advocating for Sajid Khan has now made another statement in support of the director whose video is going viral.

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A video of Rakhi Sawant is going viral on social media, in which she can once again be seen extending her support to #MeToo accused Sajid Khan. Recently, the actress was spotted with her boyfriend Adil Durrani at the airport where she again stood in support of Sajid Khan. She says that she does not support Sajid, but will always stand by the truth.

Sajid Khan, who is seen as a contestant in the Bigg Boss 16 house, has been accused of sexual misconduct by not one but 6 women. Meanwhile, Controversial Queen Rakhi Sawant has called the accusers ‘naked’.
Rakhi Sawant first while talking to Papa said, “Even if the whole world is on one side, I will support Sajid Khan alone because till now his guna is what has not been proved for 4 years. His career has been ruined since 4 years, he has not done any film. He was in depression.” She then starts singing, ‘Who’s no one is his toh khuda hai yaaro’.

Rakhi does not stop here. He continued, “God made me. To support the one who is innocent. If someone is guilty, the court holds him guilty, then I am also a bay with slippers. This should not happen to any girl. Look at the background of the boys who have blamed. ‘Nude’. Look at his photoshoot.” Even after this, Rakhi’s statement continued.

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Now as soon as this video comes out, different reactions are being seen from the netizens too. One user wrote, “His sister still won’t cast you in any role in any of her films” while another said, “Ladki naked hai to aadmi ko jo mann aayega karega!! Wow, this girl herself is such a dramatist! Hence it is proved, woman is the enemy of woman…”

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