Mumbai: Bigg Boss 16 has started and with this controversy is being seen both inside and outside the house. In the show, the contestants are standing face to face to move forward, while there is a ruckus outside the show about the contestants.

The entry of the show’s contestant and film director Sajid Khan has stirred controversy everywhere. Sajid’s name has appeared in the #Meetoo campaign, so his entry in the reality show telecast on National TV has upset many celebs from common people. Bigg Boss OTT fame aka Javed has already openly called Sajid a sexual abuser many times and has also questioned the makers of Bigg Boss.

But in the meantime, Urfi’s good friend and entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant (Rakhi Sawant supports Sajid Khan) has a different stand on Sajid. A video of Rakhi is becoming quite viral on social media, in which she can be heard saying ‘Jeene do’ while taking Sajid Khan’s side.

In the viral video, Rakhi says, “Look, he is guilty or innocent, I don’t know. He didn’t work for 4 years. If a man suffers punishment, he becomes a prisoner, he is thrown in jail. The one who comes out of the punishment is not guilty. I don’t think Sajid Khan is guilty, 4 years he didn’t work, nobody made a film with him. I feel like, he has gone to Bigg Boss, so people are running behind, for publicity stunts. Such people should die by drowning in full of water. Shame on them.”

Not only this, Rakhi Sawant gets emotional and further says, “Sajid Khan is my no one. But as a human being, let that man live before he commits suicide, man. Otherwise he will commit suicide if there is so much hatred from the side of the country. You guys let him live. He wants to live a new life.”

Before Rakhi, some celebrities like Kashmera Shah and Payal Rohatgi also defended Sajid Khan.