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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Grand Finale 2021 Winner, Finalists

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Grand Finale 2021 Winner, Finalists

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021– Bangla is one of the greatest Bengali music reality tv shows ever that fans can never get enough of. The crowd has showered perpetual love over its members and followed their melodic excursion all through the show for a very long time.

Approaching its end, the show’s most recent promotion features the forthcoming energizing, elegant, and power-pressed Grand Finale that will air on April 18, 2021.

The Grand Finale of the show will have a scope of four uncommon visitors from the universe of music interestingly on Bengali TV. Famous artists and hitmakers like Shaan, KK, Shankar Mahadevan, and Sivamani will go to the program just as engage the crowd with their irrefutably spellbinding exhibitions.

Below are the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa grand finale winner and finalists name.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (2021) Winner/Finalists

Sr No.Contestant NameStatus
1Arkadeep MishraWinner
2Niharika Nath1st runner-up
3Bidipta Chakraborty2nd runner-up
6Anushka PatraFinalist

Arkadeep Mishra is the winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Bangla (2021). Niharika, Anushka, Jyoti, Raktim, Bidipta, and Arkadeep are the top 6 finalists of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Bangla (2021).

2 thoughts on “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Grand Finale 2021 Winner, Finalists

  • Rightly said, it was a biased judgement without any reason suppressing the real talent. Not goid


    The Zee-Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa 2020-21 that ended on Sunday night (April 18.2021) was a gorgeous show (from beginning till end) that was thoroughly entertaining and rarely matched by any other TV reality show. Not a single of its episodes my wife and I did miss. However, the decision of the judges in declaring the Champion of the Champions has left us in complete despair.
    There couldn’t be an iota of doubt if Niharika was declared the Winner. Actually, this singing ‘Queen’ is a versatile singer, a born genius whose singing quality, melodious voice texture & versatility not only kept the audience spellbound & glued to the TV screen for nights but far outstripping the merit of Arko who has been awarded the throne reason unknown. She has been certified a genius by Mr Shankar Mahadevan. The Jahuree did not miss to identify the right gem from the box.
    Arko sings well. He is a powerhouse but his singing path is narrow & remains restricted to Lokogeeti. By virtue of merit, he comes nowhere to Neeharika, nor to ‘cuckoo’ Bidisha or that girl with never-ending spirit, Anuska.
    The gala finale brought us total displeasure in the end! We lost trust in the quality of judgement of the judges nominated by Zee.

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