Mumbai: Actor and Bigg Boss 16 host Salman Khan has now recovered from dengue and has also returned to the show. After a gap of two weeks, now Dabang Khan has not only reviewed the game of the contestants present in the house but has also reprimanded them.

The makers have released some promos (Bigg Boss 16 New Promo) on the official channel of Colors, in which it is seen that Bhaijaan is giving these contestants a dose of bitter medicine to improve their game. In the promo released, he is seen angry with the most two people. The first is Sumbul Tauqeer and the second is Ankit Gupta.

Salman is not particularly happy with Sumbul Touqeer’s incompetence in the house. In a promo video shared for the Shukravar Ka Vaar episode, Salman is seen scolding Sumbul for looking weak and not giving his best in the house. Not only this, he reminds Sumbul that he called himself “strong” when he entered the house, but it is not visible at all in the show.

Apart from this, Salman also mentions the time when Sumbul’s father went on the show asking him to play the game safely and intelligently. The actor can be heard saying, “Sumbul, what have you done in this house? After saying big things from here, ‘I am very strong.’ You can’t be seen inside this house.”

Salman further says, “You don’t listen to your parents. Let me show you how you look inside the house?” He then asks Sumbul Tauqeer to go back and send him to the gate far away from the screen and ask him to stop. Salman Khan says, “Just like that… you look so far away.”