Mumbai: In this week’s episode of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, not only Shaleen Bhanot but also Sajid Khan will have to face the wrath of Salman Khan.

The makers have shared a new video (Salman Khan Slams Sajid khan) from the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ segment, in which the host of the show is seen scolding the film director.

In the promo, Salman Khan can be heard saying, ‘What is Sajid doing inside this house?’, to which the director replies, ‘When the time comes, I will take out the leaves.’

On hearing this from Sajid, Salman immediately interrupts him and says, ‘There is no time here. You yourself are giving the reason to remove you. Do you understand or not? You are looking hypocrite. You take a stand and then you change the stand. What is going on inside this house?’

Netizens flooded with reactions as soon as the promo was shared online. Some people wrote, ‘Bring Sajid in the nomination, we will only exclude it, just stay fair Bigg Boss’, while others wrote, ‘Nothing comes to Sajid except his mother sister’s abuses.’ While some people criticized Salman. Expressed happiness after seeing the reprimand and wrote, ‘Ab hui na baat.’