Mumbai: In the episode of Bigg Boss 16 ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, Salman Khan has not only introduced the class of contestants, but has also opened the eyes of some of his people.

In tonight’s episode, host Salman will introduce Soundarya Sharma to the truth about Gautam Vig, after which she will be seen falling apart. Soundarya considers Gautham as her best friend, but Salman will show Soundarya a clip explaining her hypocrisy.

In the latest promo released by the makers, it can be seen that Salman Khan shows Soundarya some footage from inside the house, where Gautam is sitting with the rest of the contestants. All of them are making fun of Soundarya and Gautam is sitting and listening. Seeing this, Soundarya breaks down.

Later, she confronts Gautam about this and then bursts into tears. She says that if she had a father, those people would have broken her face. The actress feels bad that when everyone was making fun of her, Gautam did nothing to defend her.

Every Friday and Saturday, Salman Khan talks to the contestants about the week-long schedule. Not only this, he also guides the contestants as to who is performing.