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Sanjana Choudhary put on velvet dances on the stage wearing a red suit, the public applauded after seeing the riotous dance

Haryanvi Dance Video: Videos of dance on social media are going viral day by day. Some of these videos are such that they make people crazy about themselves. That’s where the dancers these days Sanjana Choudhary ,Sanjana ChoudharyAn old dance video of ) is making a lot of noise on the internet as she is seen dancing in a red colored stick suit.

Sanjana Choudhary

Given below Video In this, see that Sanjana is taking away people’s lives with her looks by applying bright lipstick in a red salwar suit. During this, she is shaking the stage by dancing loudly on the song ‘Pani Chalke’. Apart from this, she is forcing the audience to clap with her killer dance.

watch sanjana chaudhary dance

It is worth noting that this video has been shared on YouTube’s page Janvi Music, which is being well-liked on social media. Also, more than 62 thousand people have seen this video so far. From the views of this song, you can guess how this song has made its place in the hearts of people.

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