Mumbai: Ever since filmmaker Sajid Khan has entered the house, there has been a lot of noise about Bigg Boss 16. Many social media users are trolling the show as they have taken the accused Sajid of the #Meetoo campaign in the show as a contestant. Sajid has been accused of sexual misconduct by many actresses. At the same time, apart from the public, many celebs were also seen opposing it.

But the makers of the show stood by their decision and ignored these protests. However, this protest regarding Sajid Khan has not subsided even now. Singer Sona Mohapatra, Actress Mandana Karimi, Big Bot OTT fame Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed campaigns against Sajid Khan) along with actor Ali Fazal also recently extended their support to the campaign against Sajid. Meanwhile, Urfi Javed is once again seen opposing Sajid Khan.

The actress shared a picture on her Instagram story, in which a lit lighter can be seen beneath Sajid’s photo. With this, it is written on this picture, ‘Get Sajid Khan out of Bigg Boss now.’ Sharing this picture, Urfi wrote in the caption, ‘Well, now people are not caring and neither the makers of the show, but what we are standing against can at least try.’