Mumbai: Tajikistan social media star Abdu Rozik is making a lot of noise in India’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss 16 these days. Abdu has become everyone’s favorite since day one and fans are loving his fun and cuteness.

At the same time, Singer has once again attracted the attention of the people. According to the latest episode of Salman Khan’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Abdu has turned thief for a task with filmmaker Sajid Khan.

The Friday Ka Vaar episode begins with Salman Khan entering the house and becoming Bigg Boss for a day to give interesting and challenging tasks to the BB contestants. The first task was to serve juices based on their characters to their co-contestants. After this, Salman called Sajid Khan to the confession room and gave him the secret task of stealing some valuables of the family members and keeping them in the store room.

Sajid’s ‘Partner in Crime’ Abdu Rojic was made in this task. The Tajik singer-rapper started stealing their belongings with great innocence in front of everyone’s eyes. After this Salman gave another entertaining task. Sajid now had to hide the activity area from Abdu and convince the other contestants that he had disappeared!

Salman then enters the house with Abdu and meets the contestants. The host then explained one by one about everyone’s behavior over the last week.