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Splitsvilla 15 Contestants Names (Updated), Elimination, Ideal Match, Hosts, Mischief Maker

Splitsvilla 15 Contestants Name, Elimination, Ideal Match, Hosts, Mischief Maker

Splitsvilla 15, the latest installment of the popular reality show, originally aired on MTV India, debuting on March 30, 2024. As the saga unfolds on the iconic network, viewers are treated to a thrilling journey of love, drama, and competition, making it a must-watch for fans of reality television.

Splitsvilla 15 Hosts & Mischief Maker

Splitsvilla 15, presented by hosts Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani, promises an exhilarating ride with an ensemble cast of 31 contestants. Adding to the excitement, Uorfi Javed joins as the Mischief Maker, injecting unpredictability into the villa dynamics. Meanwhile, villa insiders Amir Hossein, Azma Fallah, and Hamid Barkzi provide insights into the unfolding drama, ensuring that every twist and turn is captured for the audience’s delight. With this dynamic lineup of hosts, mischief makers, and insiders, Splitsvilla 15 is poised to deliver an unforgettable season filled with love, rivalry, and strategic gameplay.

Splitsvilla 15 Contestants & Relationship (Updated)

Addy Jain
Adit Minocha
Akriti Negi
Ameha GurungRigden Nadik Bhutia (Ex)
Anicka SharmaLakshay Gaur (Ex)
Aniket Lama
Arbaz Patel
Ayushmaan Maggu
Daulat “Rahul” RajaNidhi’s Ex
Deekila SherpaAniket’s Ex
Devkaran Sharma
Dewangini Vyas
Digvijay Singh RatheeIshita’s Ex
Divyansh PokharnaDewangini’s Ex
Harsh AroraRushali Yadav (1st Ideal Match)
Ishita RawatRe-enteredDumped by Ayushman; Entered Ex-Isle; Eliminated
Jashwanth Bopanna
Kashish Kapoor
Khanak Waghnani
Lakshay GaurAnicka’s Ex
Nayera AhujaSiwet’s Ex
Nidhi Goyal
Niharika “Arica” Porwal
Rigden Nadik BhutiaAmeha’s Ex
Ruru ThakurYuvraj’s Ex
Rushali YadavHarsh Arora (1st Ideal Match)
Sachin SharmaAkriti’s Ex
Shobhika Bali
Siwet Tomar
Unnati TomarAdit’s Ex
Yuvraj Bassi

In the exhilarating realm of Splitsvilla 15, a diverse array of contestants has emerged to vie for love, alliances, and triumph. Among them, Addy Jain brings charm and charisma, while Adit Minocha exudes confidence and wit. Akriti Negi captivates with her grace, while Ameha Gurung brings a blend of allure and intelligence. Anicka Sharma’s vivacity lights up the villa, while Aniket Lama’s presence commands attention. Arbaz Patel adds a dash of mystery and intrigue, while Ayushmaan Maggu’s passion ignites the competition. Together, they embark on a journey filled with twists, turns, and the pursuit of romance, making Splitsvilla 15 an electrifying spectacle of love and strategy.

Here’s a continuation of the paragraph with the additional contestants:Among the intriguing ensemble, Daulat “Rahul” Raja arrives as Nidhi’s ex, sparking tension and curiosity. Deekila Sherpa, Aniket’s former flame, adds a layer of complexity to the dynamics. Devkaran Sharma enters with a blend of charm and ambition, while Dewangini Vyas brings a sense of mystery and allure. Digvijay Singh Rathee, once linked to Ishita, stirs up memories and emotions within the villa. Divyansh Pokharna, having history with Dewangini, adds another dimension to the unfolding drama. Completing the lineup, Harsh Arora brings his own unique charisma and aspirations to the riveting saga of Splitsvilla 15.

Continuing the narrative with the additional contestants:As the saga unfolds, Ishita Rawat’s journey takes unexpected turns, initially dumped by Ayushman, only to resurface on Ex-Isle before her eventual elimination in episode 4, but her story doesn’t end there as she later re-enters the fray. Jashwanth Bopanna injects energy and enthusiasm into the mix, while Kashish Kapoor adds a touch of glamour and intrigue. Khanak Waghnani brings her own brand of charm and ambition to the villa, while Lakshay Gaur’s history with Anicka adds fuel to the fiery dynamics. Nayera Ahuja, once entangled with Siwet, sparks memories and emotions within the group. Nidhi Goyal adds depth and complexity to the unfolding drama, while Niharika “Arica” Porwal’s presence adds a fresh perspective to the riveting saga of Splitsvilla 15.

Continuing the narrative with the remaining contestants:Rigden Nadik Bhutia, once entangled with Ameha, adds a layer of history and tension to the unfolding drama. Ruru Thakur’s past with Yuvraj casts a shadow over the villa, stirring up old emotions and rivalries. Rushali Yadav’s arrival injects new energy and intrigue into the competition, while Sachin Sharma’s history with Akriti ignites sparks of curiosity and conflict. Shobhika Bali’s presence brings a sense of mystery and allure to the villa, while Siwet Tomar’s past connections add complexity to the unfolding dynamics. Unnati Tomar, formerly linked with Adit, rekindles old flames and memories within the group. Completing the roster, Yuvraj Bassi’s entry adds another layer of charm and ambition to the riveting saga of Splitsvilla 15.

Splitsvilla 15 1st Ideal Match

Harsh Arora and Rushali Yadav’s pairing as the first Ideal Match in Splitsvilla 15 sets the stage for intrigue and anticipation. Their connection not only signifies compatibility but also hints at the potential alliances and strategies that may unfold in the quest for love and victory within the villa. As the inaugural Ideal Match, Harsh and Rushali’s bond holds the promise of strength and stability in the face of the challenges ahead, marking a significant milestone in the journey of Splitsvilla 15 contestants.