During a program of famous Bhojpuri actress Trishakar Madhu in Siwan, there was a stampede due to the sudden breakdown of the stage. A cultural program was organized during the Mahabiri fair near Bhikha Dam Bhaiya Bahini place of Daronda police station area of ​​Siwan. When the stage broke here, Trishakar Madhu was dancing on Bhajopuri song. More than two dozen people are reported to have been injured in this sudden accident.

Cultural program was going on in the fair

Let us inform that a day before Anant Chaturdashi, Mahaviri Akhara was organized near Bhaiya-Bahini place located in Bhikha Dam of Daronda police station area. is done. Artists arrive at the Akhara Bhaiya Bahini historical site. During the fair, this fair was organized with elephants, camels, horses. Along with this, the orchestra’s stage program was going on here where this incident took place.

Stage broken during dance

The stage program started on Thursday evening and the program of Bhojpuri’s superstar artist Trishakar Madhu was going on. Around 11:30 in the middle of the night, Trishakar Madhu was dancing to a song. Meanwhile, dozens of people were dancing standing on the stage and enjoying Trishakar Madhu’s dance.

Trishakar Madhu has a minor injury to his leg.

Thousands of spectators were present in this program of Trishakar Madhu. But there was an outcry in this program when the stage broke down during the dance itself. However, there was no major incident and everyone got only minor injuries. Trishakar Madhu also had a minor injury to her leg. After that the program was closed. People thanked God that a major accident was saved from happening.