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The Tomorrow War Movie Review, IMDb Rating

The Tomorrow War Movie Review, IMDb Rating

“The Tomorrow War movie stars Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J. K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson and Edwin Hodge is released on 2 July. This film is directed by Chris Mckay and produced by David Ellison.

The Tomorrow War film is about a war with the aliens in 2051. As the name of the film suggests The Tomorrow War is about a war that happens in 2051 While some people found it lengthy and decent, others are impressed with the action in the film.

According to Indian express: “The Tomorrow War would have been a decent actioner, but the script is too substandard to make it even a dumb summer entertainer. The design of aliens is one thing that is genuinely impressive about The Tomorrow War. They do look like nearly-unstoppable killing machines with more tentacles that can be handled by humans. But even that sense of dread is minimised by inconsistency — at the beginning, nobody can figure out how to kill the grunts, and by the end, they are dispatched with relative ease. This movie clearly thinks it’s much smarter than it actually is.”

The Tomorrow War peddles optimism, and believes life gives you second chances.

According to Hindustan Times: “The Tomorrow War is the kind of competently put-together entertainment that mainstream Hollywood does so well on occasion. Think of it as a close cousin to the Fast and the Furious films — it’s about as slickly packaged, although it doesn’t quite have the rewatchability factor of some of that franchise’s best entries.”